Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LinkedIn: Surpassing Gatekeepers

Anyone in sales can tell you, what a hassle it can be trying to get past the "gatekeeper". You know what I mean... The snobby receptionist that's always in a bad mood and automatically trained to say, "he's not in, would you like his voicemail?" Or the dreaded, hold on, I'll transfer you- and it's not the person you need to speak with. Then the dreaful process starts all over again.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to surpass that person, and ask for exactly the right person you need to talk to? The decision-maker that will understand phrases like "cost savings" and "increased efficiency".

With LinkedIn, YOU CAN!!!!

By joining LinkedIn and joining strategic groups within your industry, you will be one step closer to those decision-makers and less dependent on the "gatekeeper". Instead of searching through pages upon pages of irrelevant employee titles and names- you will see employees in your industry FIRST.

 This beautiful "group" icon will show up beside a person's name letting you know you're connected through your strategic industry group selections.

Don't believe it? Lets do an example...
Say I'm looking for the internal communications person for Coca-Cola. I go to their company page and click on employees. I sift through the people I have "group" connections with and find this Diana O. lady...

Well, I can't call and ask for Diana O. now can I??

Problem: Can't see thier name? Or only see their 1st name?
If you have a basic LinkedIn account, which most people do, you probably won't see their full name. You will most likely see their first name and last initial. BUT what if it's John S.??? There are probably multiple employees named John at the company. And if you call asking for John S. you run the risk of revealing you're in sales and NOT surpassing the Gatekeeper. What to do?

Google it.
You know the title and first name of the person you're looking for right? or perhaps you DON'T have a connection and can't see the first name and only have the title... Copy and Paste that title on another tab and GOOGLE it.

9/10 times, the public profile will come up- First AND Last name (plus their LinkedIn "resume"). Now all you have to do is read their profile...

Look at their Summary to find a few talking points that will resonate with them. Then call the company up and ask for First & Last Name, Position X. All because of joining some strategic groups & little help from Social NetCom...

There you have it.
Gatekeeper Surpassed! 


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