Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Awesome Takaways from #TimeSci Webinar @Hubspot @DanZarrella

1.       If ur promoting an event, how soon should u start promoting? About 2.5 weeks prior via Blog posts & twitter by sharing useful info.

2.       How to use timing to make money? Lead Nurturing. Send the highest value offers to subscribers within the first few days.

3.       Takeaway: BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY

4.       Links per Day: Monday & Thursday early morning (6-7am) are best days (why? due to "Linkerati"- They're looking for content)

5.       Takeaway: Blog on the weekends for Comments or early in the morning

6.       If you're going for more comments on your blog- Post Saturday & Sunday. Why? Contra-Competitive

7.       If your audience is a mix of males & female, you should experiment with both morning and night.

8.       Most people read blogs in the Morning

9.       Men are more likely to read at night than women.

10.   Best time to talk to someone via e-mail marketing- within days of subscribing

11.   SEND MORE e-mail. Subscribers will unsubscribe early. Weed out uninterested.

12.   E-mails get the most attention on the weekends and early morning

13.   E-mail marketing: Open rates tend to be higher on Saturday & Sunday. Why? They get the most attention.

14.   Early in the morning works best for Facebook sharing

15.   More Facebook Shares happen on the weekends. Why? Many companies block FB at work. Contra-competitive timing.

16.   Facebook pages that post every OTHER day have more followers

17.   Myth: Tweeting too much is annoying/bad. Truth: TWEET MORE! Get on @GuyKawasaki’s level

18.   People with the most followers post 22 tweets per day!

19.   11am & 5pm are the spikes in Click through rates for twitter.

20.   Don't be afraid to post on the weekends or later in the day.

21.   Saturday & Sundays are among the highest days for CTR. Definitely better than Mon/Thurs.

22.   Put a link in your twitter and put + sign after any link to measure CTR

23.   Between 2-5pm are the most Retweeted times. Late in the day & week best for gaining RTs

24.   Contra-Competitive: Talking when the competition isn’t. You may be heard more when others aren’t talking. But if we all are listening to #timesci advice, won’t we be talking at the same time? Lol
25.   Myth: Don’t list yourself as a Social Media guru on twitter. Fact: Add credibility and authority to your profile by adding “founder” or other professional connotation.
26.   Dj David Gallant is amazing at mix tapes.
27. to find your Twitter account's most retweetable time!!!
28.   #timesci  is an awesome trending topic to visualize

29.   There are at least 24,000 people who care about #socialmedia
30.   @DanZarrella is an awesome #socialmedia scientist


  1. Consolidating some of those points, my big takeaways were:

    *Don't be afraid to post/Tweet/update/upload more often.
    *But still, have a schedule.
    *Play to all audiences (B2B, B2C, linkerati, etc.).
    *Someone finally put a name to "rising above the clutter": Contra-competitive timing! I love it!

    And a little off point, but from my own experience:
    *You can post all day, every day, but your content had better have value and purpose for your customers, or you're turning yourself into the problem rather than the solution.

    Thanks again for the great collection!

  2. The most retweetable time for @socialnetcom is at 4PM on Friday. What's yours? #timesci

  3. Contra-competitive timing -- genius! Great post and great advice.